Custom Jerseys Care

Cleaning method
Full Sublimation Custom jerseys use ALL-in-one printing , it can keep the patterns, logo and name/numbers on the jerseys very well. Won't wash off the printing. But it is recommended to wash the jersey by hand also. The jersey is not easy to get dirty, so we only need to remove the sweat after playing and try not to wash it use machine.
Hand wash in cold water, put a basin of clean water, and add a small amount of laundry detergent. Flip the jersey to the reverse side and soak for 3-5 minutes to wash it out. Do not soak for too long, which will easily cause the shirt to fade; if it must be machine washed, separate it from the clothing that easily fades to avoid staining.

Cleaning focus
The inner layer of the jersey, shoulders, neckline, and underarms are all areas that absorb sweat and are more prone to stains. After soaking, gently rub with foam.

Drying method
Don't twist it vigorously. It is recommended to dry it naturally in the shade. If it is directly thrown into the washing machine for dehydration, it will cause wrinkles; do not expose it to the sun, and do not iron it with an iron. The high temperature will easily cause the number and logo to dissolve and deform.

Storage method
It is recommended to hang it on a hanger to avoid folding, which will cause wrinkles on the number. Of course, it is also possible to stack up, try not to fold the LOGO and number.